.”..a notable light in our city’s choral firmament.”

–Paul Horsley, KC Independent

“…elevated all things beautiufl…jaw dropping…absolutely riveting.”

— Lee Hartman, KCMetropolis

“…the performance was electric, exciting, and welcome respite from the usual fare …offering a new vision for holiday choral concerts.  I will not miss another Kantorei concert.”

–Michael Austin, KCMetropolis

“Kantorei is one of the most focused groups in town with clear direction, clear programming, and pristine singing. Kantorei should be on your must-hear list!”

 –Lee Hartman, KCMetropolis

“Kantorei blended exquisitely and saturated the space with a warm, rich sound.”

–Kristin Shafel, KCMetropolis

“Simply divine.”

–Kristin Shafel, KCMetropolis

“The groundswell of pure music from these beautiful voices is a rare treat.”

–Mary Pechar, Lee’s Summit Tribune

“In a city with more than its fair share of choirs, look for Kantorei to hold its own and shine through the masses.”

–Kristin Shafel, KCMetropolis

Articles and Reviews

RES10125_cover_300dpi reveiw

“Their singing is exceptionally good: flawless intonation coupled with an irresistible warmth and depth.” Graham Rickson- The Arts Desk

“The most interesting festive album… is a well-sung, carefully planned musical journey really worth taking.” -Stephen Pritchard, The Observer


KC Star Review

“The sound is astonishing…by far the best choral recording in my collection…Heights I have never before experienced” Aaron Denton- Merry And Bright

“There are some real gems here, with fascinating and adventurous harmonies and compositional ideas” -Andrew Benson Wilson Early Music Reviews

“an interesting journey…This is an impressively performed disc.” Robert Hugill, Hugill’s World

“a journey of adventure and surprise.” -Lark Reviews

“Another thing to say early on is that I know singers and listeners in the UK who have a slight aversion to American choirs. Some consider them maybe a little unsubtle or even, dare I say, unsophisticated both in tone quality, diction and in choice of repertoire. Well again, so far as this disc is concerned, you may have no fear on that account. There is strength to be heard here but also a ravishing purity at times from the Kansas (City) Kantorei performances. This may possibly remind you of an Oxbridge choir.”

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