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Kantorei: Keeping Traditions Alive

Our goal is simple.  We take pieces of art that many would consider old and lost, or new and unheard of, and we breathe new life into them.  Everyone understands the need for art museums, but for some reason, many do not look at performance art in the same way.  We aim to present music created all over the world and across the centuries with equal attention to detail.  Whether it is a well known choral classic by Palestrina, an obscure Mass by a relatively unknown ancient composer, or a brand new composition by a young composer trying to make a name for him or herself, we approach each piece with authentic musicianship.  In any case, we will present the music as an insight into a culture, a time, and a place, all performed by an ensemble of highly trained, professional musicians.

We Need You!

You don’t need to know about music to enjoy it. And it is tempting to conclude that you don’t need to know about music to understand it, either. After all, if you have enjoyment, who needs understanding? We would argue that the more a person understands the music, the more he or she will get out of it.  That is where you come in!  With your help we can educate and entertain much larger audiences with presentations of ever increasing quality and variety.

Why donations? You sell tickets…

Classical music groups, much like art museums, never cover their costs with ticket sales.   We absolutely cannot survive without your generous support.  Kantorei operates on a shoestring budget and still our ticket and CD sales cover only 25% of our expenses.


Fully tax deductible donations are now being accepted!! Our education and community outreach is designed to bring the finest quality choral literature to audiences who otherwise may not have an opportunity to access it. The group’s ability to pursue its mission and to continue to present concerts and outreach is only possible with your support.  

You may DONATE VIA PAYPAL or send checks written to Kantorei KC to

PO Box 494

Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

Thank you for your donations!

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